8.) Replace Your Cabin Air Filter


The best thing to do to start off your car’s rejuvenating process is to check if your cabin filter needs to be replaced. If the filter is grey with dust, hairs, leaves, etc. remember that you are inhaling all that nastiness on a daily basis, which can potentially affect your health. This also can solve that gross odor problem you’ve been smelling every time you open your vents or turn on the air conditioning. Replacing this alone can make your car feel significantly newer!


7.) Hold A Vacuum Next To Your Brush To Dust Off Your Dashboard


Many people like to just dust off their dashboard thinking the problem is gone the second you dust it off. But where do you think that dust goes? It simply resurfaces itself and it will continuously do so until it ends up right back where it started! The solution to this is simple. Next time you dust your car’s dashboard, knobs, vents, and buttons, dust it while holding a vacuum in your other hand to make sure the dust gets trapped in the vacuum to prevent resurfacing.

6.) Use A Magic Eraser To Wipe Away All The Grime And Gunk From Your Vinyl & Leather

Got ugly stains on your seats? Simply dunk your magic eraser into some warm water and wring out the excess water and start wiping away!


5.) Carry A Trash Bag And Inspect Your Entire Car For Any Trash Lying Around

Messy Social Work car

This is the easiest step in the process. Simply clear out that junk!


4.) Shake Off Any Dirt On Your Mats And Toss Them In The Washing Machine

Floor mats are machine washable believe it or not. Rejuvenate your mats, restoring color and removing dirt by simply placing them in the washing machine. Pro Tip: Don’t wash your clothes in the same cycle folks!


3.) Clean Those Seat Belts!

For all you car eaters out there who love to grub while driving, you’ll find at some point in your life all the ketchup mustard, and mayonnaise stains racked up on your seatbelt. If that’s the case we got you covered! Begin by mixing a concoction of water,  some dishwashing soap, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. Start scrubbing into the belt with a toothbrush or a terry cloth towel. Let it sit for a little while and wipe it off with a fresh new towel.

Pro Tip: Pull the harness out as far as you’d like and use a large clip to stop the belt from retracting if need be.


2.) Use Olive Oil To Clean, Polish, And Condition Your Leather Seats To Make Them Look Brand Spanking New


Instead of using expensive leather cleaners/conditioners out there, grab some olive oil from your pantry instead to nourish and shine your leather.


1.) Keep Your Car Smelling Good As New With Some Baking Soda Air Freshener


Baking Soda traps odors within itself, use this to your car’s advantage to keep the odors out.